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Blip 2014 - 05 10

Ellen asked a couple of days ago if we could go to China on holiday some day. After a two-hour lecture on human rights, state capitalism and the price of flights she asked if we could go to Japan instead. Why, we asked (since it didn’t deserve the curt No that Disneyworld got). She wanted to see someone do Karate. Well, she could just go to a karate club in Dunfermline for that. Or she could get Ewan’s old Tae Kwon Do suit and do it herself. So, here we are: Kick Ass, in the garden wielding her bamboo sword and followed by her faithful dog companion.

Otherwise it was a bottling of smoked porter. Yum. But it’ll be a few weeks before that can be properly enjoyed. And a radical rethink of the labelling system. The swing tags, sweet though they are, are too much of a pain to print and write. We’re moving on to little printed labels for the caps. Easier to make and apply, easier to read in the crates and removed at the same time as the cap.


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