Whatever that means

Just gimme the treat


Busy day off scoring a pile of (what I think is) American white oak flooring destined to be ripped up and chucked in a skip until Graeme stepped in and offered, as a favour, that he and a mate (that’s me) would lift it and take it away. Save her the cost of a skip. And a bloke to lift it.

Prayed that it wouldn’t have been laid very well. Not with those bloody flooring nails I used for ours that are a bugger to get out. You don’t, you just snap the end off. Anyway, result. Just straight brads. Easily lifted and the nails just pulled through with a pair of mole grips. And though you could see why it needed to come up, there’s bugger all wrong with most of it. A wee run through the planer strips off the varnish and brings it up good as new. So now the garage is stuffed but tomorrow should see it all cleaned up and in the house ready to be laid.


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This entry was posted on June 14, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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