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The thick of it

Blip 2014 - 08 20

Another trip to London to tell more people (and a fair few of the same people) that folks know nowt. But thankfully not referendum related.

Would have been an easy wee trip up and down if I hadn’t slept like crap and then forgot to pick up my wallet which would have been OK if I hadn’t convinced myself the photo ID was essential. So I hung around the airport on tenterhooks while the village taxi drove back to get the wallet and bring it. Gate closing at 7.25am, I cleared security at 7.23am only hang about for 10 minutes for the gate to open. And did I need photo ID? Did I ‘eck as like.

Anyway, this is where HMRC lives with its pals DCMS and Treasury. London was nice and sunny (apart from the machine gun toting rozzers, with matching pistols and tazers). They didn’t look very sunny at all.


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