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Blip 2014 - 09 07

It didn’t start well, dropping the left door flat on its metaphorical face although there’s no harm done. Got all the hinges on and resisted the urge to punch the air when I took away the little bits of wood holding the first door level and it didn’t just collapse to the floor. No. It stayed up and swung open and closed with no creaks or groans. Result.

The second door – the one on the right – wasn’t quite so co-operative. For a start it was too big so I had to take 3cm off the bottom, which solved that problem but created another – it didn’t leave enough room for the hinge. And anyway, the timber at that bit of the frame is a bit rotten so probably couldn’t support a hinge. A frankenhinge has been constructed, which meant much attacking of spare hinges, supports and bolts with an angle grinder. Sparks! But I’m confident it’ll hold up. Now to work out how to get rid of that horrible roller door.

That fun was broken up by a pleasant interlude of coffee and cake (and a wee Deuchars) across the road.


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