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Back from Khushi’s in Dunfermline where Ewan nearly managed to eat himself to a standstill. It’s his punishment. I’ve tried to explain the idea of korma to him before but he doesn’t pay any attention. So stuffed was he that he couldn’t face pudding.

We went there after getting back from Edinburgh where we’d gone in search of the birthday BMX that Mandy had rashly promised. Turns out the stock of anyway half-decent BMXs in Edinburgh is dire but on the walk from Evans to EBC we thought we might as well pop into Soul Cycles just in case there was anything good on the secondhand rails. Just as well – a fine WeThePeople 2013 Crysis. Blokes in the shop spoke highly of it and the walk up to Edinburgh bikes was enough to read about it on the phone while EBC itself confirmed that the secondhand price will buy you something light enough to make you think it was made of scaffolding poles. So back to Soul Cycles for a bargain.

Then to Loudons for a tea. We drank tea while Ewan rolled around in the little square outside alternately practising rear wheel skids and falling over. Shame I wasn’t outside for a falling over shot.


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This entry was posted on October 13, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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