Whatever that means

Not much later


The trouble with not using public transport much is that it soon ceases to exist so between the drivers and the cyclists, there’s now so few people using the buses that pass through the village that there’s only one a day goes to Inverkeithing (at 0635) in the morning and one an hour to Dunfermline. Since I’m still keeping something at bay (symptoms – slightly swollen lymph nodes, achey joints, tired) I decided to skip the cycling again and take the train. 7.50 and it’s still hardly light although it’s pleasant enough sitting on the strange convoluted route.

The Trip came with me and got used. It has a nice immediacy to it. Leave it set to the mountains or the group setting (that’s what you get for focusing – a head and shoulders, a person, a few people or a mountain) and just point and click. Some day I’ll need to buy some new developer. There’s quite a few unprocessed films kicking about.

Newcastle tomorrow but only for a meeting at the out of town HMRC campus/concentration camp.

Shame about the big sad flower tub.


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This entry was posted on October 22, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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