Whatever that means

Trip 2


Up early to get to Newcastle for a meeting. Must have been thinking about oversleeping in my sleep since I woke up at 3:38 convinced that I could smell coffee – which means the coffee’s brewing and I’ve overslept. Of course, I had to wake up enough to put the light on and check the time and then try to get back to sleep. Did, sort of.

Nice train ride down and a good meeting, apart from forgetting the little video adapter that lets me connect my Macbook to prehistoric projectors so there was a quick dash to the Newcastle Apple Store to buy another.

Home on a crappy Cross Country train, with not even a wee free beer. I’ll be avoiding them in future.

Fire on and a wee read about how to dismantle an Olympus Trip to fix the wobbly lens. But £15 on eBay – mustn’t grumble, especially since I was planning to dismantle it anyway to fix the shutter at 1/200s.

Turns out that this is a pretty early model. Under the pressure plate in the back there’s a code – a symbol for the plant it was made at, the last digit of the year it was made and the month. So this was made in March 1968 – just a year after it was introduced.


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This entry was posted on October 23, 2014 by in The Bank of Me.
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