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Blip 2014 - 11 02-2

I made the prototype of this before going to Berlin. Since we were only taking hand luggage, I wanted a bag for carting cameras and stuff around that could be squished into my luggage. And I wanted some way of carrying my jacket that wasn’t over the top of the bag, blocking the bag itself. And somewhere to put a camera – just a little one. It worked really well but I thought it could do with more pockets.

So, I made this. It’s completely open at the sides so my jacket can get rolled up and shoved between the sides of the bag. And so can kids’ jackets. It just keeps expanding as far as the strap will let it. The front and back are big pockets and there’s little pockets inside just big enough to take a Macbook Air. Liking it.

That was today’s fun.


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