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Man: Machine

Blip 2014 - 11 10

It was always going to be a good enough day trundling up to Inverness on the train to see a client with the likelihood that a little bit of work would swell into something more substantial. And if nothing else, it would be pretty relaxing and quiet and the further north the train went the more I’d look out the window and wish I had my bike. And it happened much like that although the intermittent sun breaking through and lighting the fog and the frosted grass made it nicer still.

Just before I got there I discovered that the client wasn’t where I thought they were – out on a retail park – but back in town although at the shabbier end. Which, as it turned out, was better since it meant walking past a big charity shop and since I was in no rush I had a good peer in the window. It’s the sort of place you find old tools or cameras for buttons. And sitting on a little table in the middle of the shop was this. I could see the big sticker with the price on it so reckoned it was worth a closer look on the way back.

Sure enough, up close it looked like a substantial beast and the instruction manual was there so I stood reading that and decided that £25 was worth a punt. The woman said she’d tested it (whatever that meant) and someone had checked it was electrically sound so off I hobbled with it and sat with it at my feet all the way home (because I’d surely walk away without it if I didn’t trip over it getting out my seat).

Works a treat. Quiet and smooth. Looks like it’s previously been owned by a smoker but clean inside and 10 layers of material (6 of waxed canvas and 4 of denim) didn’t even cause the motor to change tone. Result. The sort of result that usual happens to other people. Happy Monday.

Serial number means it was made between 18 September and 13 November 1963 so just a little older than me. And in just as good condition!


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