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Blip 2014 - 12 09

The single speed is usually a Friday thing although it hadn’t previously occurred to me that it only made sense when there was no cycling being done on Saturday or Sunday. Taking it out to climb hills on a Monday when there’s work cycling the next day turns out to be a bit of a mistake. Still, we got there. And then the weather started.

The return trip was more interesting mainly because it reminds you that while you can feel OK on a trunk road when the wind isn’t blowing, when a head wind has you down to 10 mph, you really want to be on the pavement where you’ve at least got three feet to wobble in. Even then, on the pavement, the pressure wave from a petrol tanker is quite something to have come towards you at 50mph.

Ewan came home from the canoeing club with a trophy that he shares with his pal Hannah for being the most improved juniors. It didn’t get past him that he and Hannah are the only two juniors.


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