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Bike boots

Blip 2015 - 01 15_instant

Hard working and sorely neglected. I think in the years I’ve had them they’ve been cleaned once, been smeared with dubbin and put in the low oven to melt it into them. Might be time for another coat. And new cleats. I keep pulling these ones out of the pedals.

A pleasant wee trip to Glasgow to see a very nice client about some quite weird but fun work that should keep me out of mischief until the end of the year. Just needs to be kept moving, pushing it along lest they spend too much time thinking and talking without deciding. Some slight dozing both ways but that’s what the warmth and the rocking motion does. And a light soaking on the way back to the office.

And just to keep the mild obsession with cycling every day going, a wee eight mile spin managing to use and then avoid the worst of the wind. I do wonder about my intermittent and pointless obsessions sometimes. But it’s working. It’s only the 15th and I’ve done as many miles as I did in the whole of January last year.


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