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Blip 2015 - 01 18_instant

I was on the brink of canning it with the fake Polaroids until I downloaded this from the camera (today’s only) and realised that it was a bit shakey. It was an 8am start so it was barely light. But at least I realised what the fake Polaroids are good for – polishing a turd of a photo. No one expects Polaroids to be in focus, properly composed or exposed. That’s their charm. Although I do realise that we have both the rule of thirds and golden ratio going on here so composition-wise, we’ve ticked all the standard boxes.

So here we are – Sunday and entering the dread hours between finishing for the day and waiting to go to bed to get up for work. Grand wee day though. After the cycling, along to Rosyth to check out TFP’s skate park on behalf of the Limekilns yoof. Home to scoff and potter – building bike wheels, making next week’s lunchsoup, snooze, that sort of thing.


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