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Blip 2015 - 03 16

Being the sort who usually gets asked to leave the pub because the staff would like to home, while it’s OK to be making contingencies it seems a little premature to be bailing out. They’ve not even called last orders never mind started clearing the glasses away.

Anyway, it’s not like we’d be moving to anywhere better. I’m sure the regulars are lovely once you get to know them, but the place is a fucking dump. All them that bitched about the colour scheme here will certainly have something to complain about when they see the alpha version Web 1.0 they’ll be moving to. Nah, I’ll hang around for a bit. Chat.

On contingencies – the download is complete but the data’s a bit of mess. I’ve got everything in 1767 folders each with a thumbnail, the display-sized image (not the hi-res version) and a little text file with all the dates and write-up etc. My computer’s chuntering away on the text files, converting them into something readable and then I’ll work on splitting out the important parts, hopefully to end up with a CSV file with just the date, the title and the text. Then I’ll see about importing that into WordPress and also see about adding the images automatically. Hopefully I can offer some advice and do some legwork if I get it all working.

And I’m over the Polaroids. That joke isn’t funny any more.


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