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Why not?

Blip 2015 - 03 20

I’d left it kind of late anyway for popping out and had completely misjudged the lens requirements. What was I thinking with a 12-24mm lens? You’d think someone who’d studied a little bit of astronomy would have some notion of the size of the sun. It was when I spotted next door’s 400mm (the sun was behind clouds) that I twigged that this was never going to work. Had a wee wander to the pier anyway and there was a slightly longer lens in the bag.

I’ve finally cracked the WordPress thing. It involves several things:
* a demo of Filemaker to hold the date, subject and text. Each post needs to be numbered in the order it was originally posted on Blipfoto.
* a folder of all the photos, renamed to be in the same sequence as the posts (Apple’s automator and a little applescript dealt with that)
* a free account at to deal with the bulk emailing. Apple’s mail only allows you to send 200 / day. Mandrill will allow thousands.
* Excel to build the html references for the images.

Then all you need to do is upload all the images to WordPress and use Filemaker’s ability to send emails through Mandrill’s smtp server to build, format and send the emails. WordPress will receive them, convert them to posts and interpret the html to place the image in the post. Ta da.

The only bummer is that WordPress is choked to receive a maximum of about 20 messages at a time. It started out OK but seems to have automatically closed down. Maybe it thinks I’m being spammed. By myself.


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