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Blip 2015 - 03 22

I can’t remember why I suggested that the solution to Ewan’s sniffing was to shove two baby carrots up his nose but that kick-started the morning’s doodling, which resulted in Ewan complaining increasingly loudly that my drawings of him looked nothing like him and that I was just making his face longer and longer like some kind of horse-child. He had a point. Even the second one was quite a bit longer than his face really is.

Scan 2
Scan 4

Then there was giant scones, which needed lashings of jam since I forgot the sugar in the recipe. Very nice they were too. And after that I decided that it was time to test the shoulder on the bike. Just a little run along to the boat on the tractor, which I reckon, of all the bikes, puts the most weight back on the saddle rather than on the arms. It was fine. I’ll try a run into work tomorrow to see how it goes. There’s no real commitment until Dalmeny. After that there’s no out until South Gyle. So, along to Saltpans, dragging weans along to see the boat in its increasingly sorry, broken up state. Nice stone skimming though.

(click to see them bigger).

Blip 2015 - 03 22-6
Blip 2015 - 03 22-2
Blip 2015 - 03 22-5
Blip 2015 - 03 22-5

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