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Below Parr

Blip 2015 - 03 23

You know how those Jason Bourne films are sometimes on the telly? Just sometimes, maybe on Channel 5? Occasionally. Well, you know how he’ll get into a big car smash or a fight or get shot six times or fall from a great height and two minutes later, having used a rolled up newspaper and some sellotape to make a splint, he’ll be back in action? That’s how I felt today, getting back on my bike, biting back the pain. Except, of course, it’s been three weeks and it wasn’t sore. Well, maybe a bit of a dull ache after 10 miles and maybe an ongoing heightened awareness of some tenderness for the rest of the day but not so much that it actually hurt. And of course when I say I was back in action what I mean is that I was pretty careful not to get my feet stuck in the pedals and was mindful of potholes and generally taking care not to get close to any falling over scenarios. Apart from that it was just like Bourne. Well, OK, just boring.


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