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Blip 2015 - 03 29

The plans made flesh. Well, OK, not quite flesh. Plastic bottles and cardboard tubes. A mop head head etc. But it looks pretty evil for a help-about-the-house robot, although in Ellen’s wee head it’s a teenager of a robot so has braces and lipstick.

Blip 2015 - 03 29-5

So there was that. I had to lend a hand. And a wee trip to Halfords to get a new bike carrier and Ewan won some gold medals at the swimming gala but was very humble about it. As he should be since he was the only person in the race. A bit less impressive when you hear that although I’m told he was fast anyway.

And a nice bacon and chorizo tortilla for Ewan’s international food evening at the scouts tomorrow. I’m sure the kids’ll hate it.

(click to see them bigger).

Blip 2015 - 03 29-4
Blip 2015 - 03 29-3

Oh, and I also managed to pick up my package of Impossible film from the wee shop along the road. A bit of a gamble – Impossible were selling it off at half price listed as factory seconds. But i thought the full price stuff is pretty shit so how bad could the seconds be? Worth taking a punt, I thought. So here’s the boy, face glued to iPad. And speaking of eye pads – gunk-eyed Ellen is on the mend. Well enough to be allowed to go to her party. But what does a girl wear to dress up for a party in late March. Bride of Dracula? Why not.

And damn it but somewhere along the line my photos have gone out of sync with the posts. What a pain in the arse.


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