Whatever that means


Blip 2015 - 03 30-2

The original is still my favourite so it’s nice to have a reason to revisit it from time to time. The cheesy face is classic Ellen just now. Point a camera and out it comes.

Still off the bike and the whole thing has worn completely threadbare. Slow progress that sometimes feels like none at all but I’ll give it until Easter and take the bike away up north and give it another go. That should be fairly sedate tootling along paths and then start the slog back to being quite fit when I get back.

Blip 2015 - 03 30-3

Although it turned into a shit day by lunchtime, the morning was actually pretty promising, if cold and Nicola’s new hoose was looking rather splendid in the sunshine. Albert on the horse there is doing a grand job of hiding a big tour bus. Bute House is no bad for a wee lass from Wishaw although I’m curious about their position on a hung Parliament. The plan is to use the SNP bloc to vote down a Tory government, even if they are the largest party, and put Labour in. So far, so good but wouldn’t that mean England getting a government it hadn’t voted for?


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