Whatever that means

A wee hill

On the other side of yesterday’s wee loch there’s the waterfall that fills it with freshly melted snow. It’s a nice walk to it, along a fairly flat track. Since the snow’s melting pretty fast, the burn was flowing pretty fast so there was a little pause while we worked out how to get over without going in. Naturally, Rusty showed the way by just dancing over the rocks but no one was following him. But we got over, walked on for a bit and had lunch by another wee stream where some competitive “stick your feet in the freezing cold stream for as long as possible” developed. Wasn’t me.

Ellen, flush with her 1 minute and 8 seconds lead then decided to challenge me to a head-to-head, first out’s a loser, plunge-off. She is disturbingly competitive. I gave it to her at three and a half minutes. How she crowed.

But I took the smile off her face by finding a full five-point antler as we headed back up onto the track. Later, another wee cycle back up the track we went up yesterday but couldn’t continue because the estate guys were shooting. Maybe more antlers? Sadly not. 


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This entry was posted on April 9, 2015 by in The Bank of Me.
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