Whatever that means

Highland beach

Much the same as other days – Mandy was up and off before 8 and we eventually surfaced about an hour later to make coffee and have cereal, pack up the tent and then walk the mutt. Since it was overcast and cold there was a fair chance that we’d go to the cinema. That can only be done if it’s miserable because (a) what would be the point of going to the cinema on a nice day and (b) the mutt could only be left in the car if he wasn’t going to cook. But by the time we were ready to go it was sunny so checking the times at the cinema was really just to firmly establish that we weren’t going since the film was on in half an hour and the sun was shining. So, back to the Corner Cafe for bacon rolls and then a wander to Dalfaber with the mutt and a little mooch around the bike shop there although nothing proved irresistible. 

By the time we’d wandered back it was time to drive back to up Glenmore to wait for Mandy to finish and then head home, with a stop in Pitlochry for a fish tea. Ellen declared a fine weekend but not as much fun as a Dad Camp. 

Oh, and we saw Danny MacAskill in the sweet shop in Aviemore. Ewan had been in the shop and thought is was. Ellen wasn’t so sure – this guy’s beard was longer. (I did point out that these things grow). He was buying a lot but we had no pens, nothing to be written on (except Ewan’s face) and no cameras but I swear it’s true. Ewan was a bit starstruck but I was so not bothered. One of us said “It’s him!”


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