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Makin’ bacon


What a great way to spend your birthday, scouring the farm shops and few remaining decent butchers of east central Scotland for a big lump of pork belly to make into bacon. Well, not exactly scouring. We drove up to Jamesfield near Abernethy and it was rubbish so we went to Auchterarder, which seems like just the kind of place to still have a functioning butcher shop and had a bit of lunch and wandered up the main street, bypassing Simon Howie for being too industrial and all the meat being unrealistically bright and red. Allan’s, further up the road looked like a proper butchers and even had an old lady inside gossiping about some local furore so I knew I didn’t need to go any further. So, 3kg of pork belly boned and skinned and ready for curing, with a little bit of useful advice from the butcher.

The cure is (mainly) from Hugh’s River Cottage Cookbook – 1kg of salt, some celery salt (he didn’t have this), some brown sugar and pepper.


This gets rubbed all over the meat and then it’s put in a plastic container (I’m using the salad drawer from a spare fridge that lives out in the brew shed) and stored. I’ll need to rub more salt in every day for the next five days but then it’s done. Home made bacon. Now, to track down a whole pig.


Lots of other nice stuff – whisky (naturally), more whisky (don’t mind if I do), beer (of course), beer recipes (nice), lovely little bluetooth speakers and a mahoosive iPad. Cool.


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