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The road to hell

Unlike most years, did rather well this year. Potatoes, tumshies, kale, beetroot, tomatoes and some other stuff that I’ve forgotten. And next year’s garlic is already planted so while we’re … Continue reading

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The annual routine: children get excited at the thought of huge bags of sweets, decide to dress up and go guising. Ewan goes with his pals, Mandy takes Ellen and … Continue reading

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One of those days when you sit at a desk doing stuff – spreadsheets mainly, making them do quite cool things but only cool in a disturbingly sad way. Playing … Continue reading

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To Edinburgh to roll from the Meadows to the Parliament. Parked up at Ratho to ride along the canal towpath, which went fine until Ewan threw himself off his bike … Continue reading

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There he is staying out late terrorising pensioners, beating up younger kids, smoking in the play park. All the things that young boys do. But at least he does it … Continue reading

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Och, you know, the usual stuff. Plus taking photos of new people at work and then a wee birl around the prom at Silverknowes before falling asleep in the car. … Continue reading

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Top tips

Remarkably shit photo but there you go. So, you’re in charge of Brownies, giving health information to seven year olds. Tip number one? Really? They say there’s nothing like targeting … Continue reading

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Banana face

Best I could do. Actually, it’s all I did. The whole getting a lie in thing floundered on the rocks of waking up and thinking about stuff although I managed … Continue reading

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Highland beach

Much the same as other days – Mandy was up and off before 8 and we eventually surfaced about an hour later to make coffee and have cereal, pack up … Continue reading

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The race

Off to Aviemore, tagging along on Mandy’s weekend of canoeing lessons. She’s up at Glenmore Lodge for the Friday dinner and chat (and drinking until 3am, it turns out). We’re … Continue reading

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